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Communicative English for Adult Learner:

Maryland for College Goers and Job Seekers

In this competitive era preparing for competition is actual preparation. If University Certification gives a candidate Gate Pass to appear in different Competitive Exams then proper polishing and garnishing one’s Personality and English gives him/ her edge over candidates.

Maryland offers a series of programs for such candidates. Being the Institutional Member of British Council, faculties of Maryland are trained in different workshops of ELT where students are the direct beneficiary.

Spoken English Program in Maryland is divided in three semesters which are individual in nature as well as corollary in nature. Beginners Program is meant for the Intermediate Learners; Advanced Learners Program is for Post Intermediate Learners and Expert Learners Program is meant for those candidates who can speak English but would like to improvise their English. All the classes are ‘Learner Centred’ and conducted in workshop mode. Candidates participate in quizzes of grammar, vocabulary. They participate in group discussion, role plays, task based role plays, debates and presentation sessions.

Program in Interview Preparation enables a participant to work on his/ her body language, improvise Dress Sense, prepare the answers of different sort of questions likely to be faced in an Interview. They learn the special techniques to overcome nervousness, tension, rejection and other related problems.

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