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1> When do the classes start?

>> Beginning of every month a detailed batch commencement schedule is displayed in the centre. Students desirous of joining can choose the batch that suits their timings. Normally batch timings are planned keeping in mind the learners ’ convenience.

2> When can I enroll?

>> Fresh batches start every month. You can select your batch and enroll.

3> How to enroll?

>> Walk in to your nearby Maryland centre or call our Head office. You will be tested for your knowledge of English and then you will be suggested a suitable course by our counselors. Our counselors are trained to understand your needs and suggest the most suitable program.

4> How long would it take for me to receive your letter confirming my application?

>> Across the table.

5> What is the minimum age of the learners?

>> We have separate program for children ranging from 6 to16 years of age school going children which are conducted Round the Year. Such program is known as young learners’ Program. Participants need to attend 2 classes in a week . Duration of each class is of two hours.

6> Can I pay the fees in instalments?

>> For Longer duration program you can pay in installments but short duration program you need to pay in one go.

7> Are books and other material included in the course fees?

>> Yes. We provide various value additions activity sheets and booklets but at the end of the class you have to deposite those to the teacher.

8> What is the minimum duration of a programme?

>> It depends on the program that is selected. We provide English language training in semesters. Each semester is of 4 months duration .A participant has to attend three classes in a week. Each Classes are of 2 hrs duration

9> Will there be homework / tests / assignments, etc?

>> As and when necessary.